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"I noticed that a lot of these scam jobs start at

I have to give my concerns about scam. Beware of

In my experience, I have posted 1 job ad on their site for the "free trial". Within  a few days, I received over 40-50 "form emails" about "interested teachers" though nowhere in the email was the teacher speaking directly to us about our ad. That being said, EVERY link in the email redirected me to a "pay" page to contact any teacher on the list. Funny enough, when we actually did contact some of the teachers, they had no idea who we were and after being directed to our ad, they stated they were not interested.

To me, this is a scam...they bait schools with 'interested' applicants and then ask for money to contact them. In addition, they allow absolutely NO information whatsoever to be communicated...with or without contact information.

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Serious Teachers Are Serious Liars! Reviewed by Enrique on . They run fake ads. I just went to an interview with Sanyi English in Beijing which is a Chinese black school after reading this ad: The only reason I went to the interview is because the ad says "Up to 20,000 salary".  I have a MA in Education and TEFL certificate and three years teaching. The girl who interviewed me (Jennifer) says they never paid anyone over 15,000 a month and Serious Teachers was never told to advertise 20,000. I wasted three hours of my time to go to this interview only to learn this school has three locations but no business license in their name and they cannot give a Z visa until after 90 days (illegal)  Jennifer showed me the same ad running at Echinacities and it clearly says "10000-14,000 per month before taxes" So I called Serious teachers to complain about this shit and they would not tell me the managers name. So I went on line to check their reputation and I should have done it earlier. They also are not licensed!  So we have one black recruiter recruiting teachers for black schools - FRAUD! Rating: 5 5 are blacklisted spammers and scammers! Reviewed by Georgia on . Serious Teachers are blacklisted by the CFTU and others and I only learned about their ludicrous spamming until after I sent a single email to them asking a simple question. I asked them to stop sending me their propaganda five times!  Real assholes in my opinion. Rating: 1 5


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1 Gi2c China Internship Company Not To Be Trusted!!! by Winnie The Pooh


→ 1 months ago
5 English Professor by cranura

This university has been one of the best experiences of my life.  I highly recommend ...

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