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"I noticed that a lot of these scam jobs start at SeriousTeachers.com

I have to give my concerns about SeriousTeachers.com scam. Beware of SeriousTeachers.com.

In my experience, I have posted 1 job ad on their site for the "free trial". Within  a few days, I received over 40-50 "form emails" about "interested teachers" though nowhere in the email was the teacher speaking directly to us about our ad. That being said, EVERY link in the email redirected me to a "pay" page to contact any teacher on the list. Funny enough, when we actually did contact some of the teachers, they had no idea who we were and after being directed to our ad, they stated they were not interested.

To me, this is a scam...they bait schools with 'interested' applicants and then ask for money to contact them. In addition, they allow absolutely NO information whatsoever to be communicated...with or without contact information.

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