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Reviews & Information: What is a Credible review on ESLwatch?For a number of years ESLwatch has allowed any article or comment to be posted on our site and rarely we moderate articles or comments as we do promote freedom of speech, and it does give teachers an avenue to air their views.

That said, a lot of teachers do not consider the best way to get their point across to add creditability and utility to a statement. Some are more tactful than others, whatever a teacher's point of view is, examples and elaboration will always add value to an article or comment. In the absence of these elements readers are left with simple name calling, which does little to enhance a statement or review.

ESLwatch is not a forum, but we do have a number of postings which are baseless, and hinge on the author simply venting their comments which are from teachers, schools/recruiters, companies and, of course, the trolls.

ESLwatch has always welcomed freedom of speech, and know that teachers have suffered difficult times and tenuous situations at their schools. Sharing their experiences with other teachers and readers on ESLwatch help other people to become better educated before they make 'the biggest decision of their life'. However, without collaborative information and examples provided, articles and comments have little relevance or value to readers.

ESLwatch recommends when submitting a review or comment, authors should consider what value they are submitting, and which type of readers they are targeting when posting an article or comment. Remember ESLwatch is here to provide an avenue for the worldwide teaching community, helping others make informed decisions about schools, companies and recruiters.

Be professional in your approach, do not lower your standards to the level of the school/company or recruiter you are reviewing. Maintain a tactful, insightful tone when reviewing to help ensure creditably of your review and it will, in turn, be a benefit to others who use this site.

Below we have added some examples of what to avoid when reviewing or commenting:

Statements that have no credibility:

  • These people are rude unprofessional heartless thieves.

  • Stay away from these crooks.

  • This is a dodgy outfit to be avoided at all costs.

  • These people need to be exposed for the fake and the disgrace.

  • They are frauds and have links with the Mafia.

  • Run as fast as you can from this school, they cheated me.

  • He hires mostly young women because he is looking for a good-looking wife.

  • Typical Bait & Switch. "School" to be avoided!


  • Revenge or personal attacks– personal attacks on the authors or other commentators, leave out inflammatory comments, or an overtone of venting.

  • 'He said, she said' scenarios - reporting on soap opera issues regarding relationships, conversations & motivations that focuses on hearsay or second-hand information.

  • Character traits & personality flaws– focusing on outside school environment and activities.

  • Rumour monger - Broad sweeping generalisation with nothing cited to back them up.

Above all, be professional in your approach when writing an article or commenting on a ESLwatch. Give clear reasons why you are writing the article or commenting, keep your written mannerism neutral, give citation where necessary and above all keep it business like, it will always lend credence and be more effective than an obvious spat, vent or name calling session.

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