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Blacklisted: Qinzhou foreign language school poor treatment to teachersThis is in regards to no2 middle school or Qinzhou foreign language school.

I was employed there for 5 years, I should have ran the first year, but it was convenient for me because it was near my wife in another city so i stayed. Let me tell you the other people who wrote how horrible this school was before were not exaggerating. I have been a teacher in china for almost 9 years now and worked for many different schools, this has got to be the worst one I ever worked for, in my 5 years working for them they have done many things to me and other foreign teachers like 1 year me and another teacher got food poisoning from their cafeteria when we told them we had been up all night vomiting and diarrhea there response was we have a contract and will work the hours required we can go to the hospital on our lunch that teacher no longer works here he got tired of the crap and them trying to screw him on his contract.

We are suppose to have Internet but it regularly fails ,we even went without Internet for 6 months as they kept telling us they were looking into why but never fixed it till the new teachers arrived to replace the ones who said the hell with this and left. I have been without cable for over 2 years as every time i ask them to fix they say they have to call the cable company to look at it ,but never did.

They added extra time to our work timetable once, when we asked why we didn't,t get overtime or paid for the extra time which was not part of our contract they told us we can not change anything till you renew your contract so we will not get paid for the extra time working .the Chinese English teachers at the school treat you like a second rate teacher, I have heard on many occasions that foreign teacher are not real teachers and shouldn't be teaching here but the admin tells us we must each a certain way they want fun exciting classes but you have to be quiet while doing it and also must teach fro m the book i have watched some of their classes far from exciting and they want us to do the classes with the students their way but make it fun how doers one make reading out of a book fun this year 2 of the teachers left before their contracts were finished they would rather give up the money for not staying then continue to deal with this school i am also leaving and so is the other teacher all 4 of us are gone this school cannot keep teachers for a reason i was the only one who remained for so long so if you decide to work here think about all the teachers before me who wrote about this school and what an experienced teacher has to say after 5 years there


# RE: Qinzhou foreign language school poor treatment to teachersGuest 2012-09-27 14:59
This comment has been deleted by Administrator
0 # RE: Qinzhou foreign language school poor treatment to teachersGuest 2013-02-18 04:33
I am not questioning your experience, but seriously, your grammar, spelling, word choice and misuse (or lack of use) of punctuation makes me surprised that you are teaching English as a native speaker. I'm also not sure why you would stay at a place that abuses you so much. There are millions of jobs here - how can you not find a job in the same place as your wife??? Just bizarre... Good luck to you in your teaching career.
0 # RE: Qinzhou foreign language school poor treatment to teachersrereted 2013-05-05 13:28
if i thought i was going to be critiqued i would have taken the time to give you great grammar however i tried to make it readable to everyone oh and by the way but seriuosly is missused and over used to many times
-2 # +1 # RE: Qinzhou foreign language school poor treatment to teachersracemarshall1 2013-04-23 09:11
Hey Danny, you didn't leave by choice, your contract was not being renewed. They had finally come to their senses and realised you were a bad teacher.
When I was at the mentioned school, the internet did break down, but it was repaired quickly.
The Chinese English teachers did not treat me like a second rate teacher, in fact I was often asked for my opinion on things, and was also asked for my help.
+1 # +1 # RE: Qinzhou foreign language school poor treatment to teachersrereted 2013-04-25 11:45
this coming from the teacher the school kicked out because he was abusive to the students and who complasined about how horrible the school was just because me and you had arguements and did not get along i see you and phillip have gotten together to discredit me and help a school you dislike interesting and what a load of crap both of you know that the internet always went down and always took forever to be repaired
doesn,t matter the school is trying to save face using 2 people who hated the school before but now have been offered money to discredit the article did they mention they are using a teacher from a non english speaking country and claiming he is british to the students
0 # +1 # RE: Qinzhou foreign language school poor treatment to teachersrereted 2013-05-05 13:35
and i was complmented on my teachinmg every year even that year i was not renewed over a disagreement
if you check the news you will see every year i taught the school recieved awards in english for testing as far as poor teaching your kidding right you had to be one of the worse the school ever had and i am just typing fast and not trying to impress anyone with outstanding grammar half the teachers and business men in the world missuse grammar all the time
-2 # re racemarshall1racemarshall1 2013-04-23 10:50
I forgot, your words, i was the only one who remained for so long. Phillip had been there as long than you, and he has returned there after 3 years. If the place was as bad as you say, why was Phillip there for 5 years, and has now returned?
The reason I left is because my wife wanted to be nearer to Hong Kong, not because the school was no good.
+1 # RE: re racemarshall1rereted 2013-04-25 11:58
and racemarshall you have room to talk you never even graduted high school used a false esl certificate you made off the internet and the school knew it and got you a expert certificate to teach with a false documument knowingly
that alone should tell people what kind of school it is
and i am sure the school made you some kind of offer to do this
0 # RE: Qinzhou foreign language school poor treatment to teachersracemarshall1 2013-04-28 12:18
e abusive to students! Thats a laugh. At least my students liked me, unlike you. In England you dont graduate from High School, we get qualifications from Comprehensive schools. Get your facts right you stupid American. It was a TESL I didnt have that they knew about. Nothing too serious as I do know how to teach, and being a native speaker does mean I know the language.
As for Phillip and me getting together to discredit you, that is a load of crap. We chatted for about a year after I LEFT the school, not sacked, and only three days ago were we in contact again.
As for the internet, admitted it did break down fairly regularly, but it was also fixed quickly.
I have NEVER been in contact with the school since I left so there is NO WAY they are using me to help them.
0 # RE: Qinzhou foreign language school poor treatment to teachersrereted 2013-05-05 13:26
you were the most teacher at this school
students hated you when the school was not going to renew my contract over a disagreement with four teachers over 2200 of 2500 students sent letters to the headmaster requesting the school keep me
and knowing how to teach my god the teachers use to laugh at you and the tesl you copied off the internet and forged or did you forget i sat there and watched you do and you didn't leave the school you were told to leave again you are so full of it
0 # RE: Qinzhou foreign language school poor treatment to teachersracemarshall1 2013-04-28 12:23
Another thing Danny, you are supposedly an English teacher. Do you know how to use punctuation?

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