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Blacklisted: Wuhan Polytechnic UniversityPerhaps, this school is not one of the best in China, but it seemed to be a decent one where foreign teachers receive fair and honest treatment. Only after a few weeks, it now turns out that they made me coming here all the way for nothing.

They first signed a valid contract with me in May, I had an interview with them before on the phone. Now, after arriving here they asked me to give a demo lesson, which I did. After the demo lesson, it seems they were not satisfied with my teaching performance... I had no students watching the demo lesson - but only three native Chinese teachers with insufficient knowledge of the foreign language they are teaching, and the Vice Dean who does not understand that foreign language at all. Since they signed a valid contract with me before, it must be considered a breach of the contract if they tell me to leave now.

I have over 20+ years of teaching experience, and I am up to the current state of arts in language teaching methodology. It is apparent they are not, so how "qualified" are they to assess my own teaching performance? However, I will not argue with them and look for a more suitable job instead.

With this less pleasant experience in mind, be warned - this school is not a trustworthy and reliable employer. And their pay for a PhD holder like me (4700 Yuan/month) is ridiculous.

From what I hear, they have "burnt" several other foreign teachers this way.

Give this school a big miss and look somewhere else, don't work for Wuhan Polytechnic University!


Please do not review this article, review the University on the link below:

Wuhan Polytechnic University (WHPU) - Private University - China

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