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Blacklisted: Lingdong Foshan - ChinaWell well yet another terrible review of Lingdong training school in Foshan.

I have decided to write this review about the so called Lingdong school. Word of advice, never EVER take a job with these clowns.

I finished my contract nearly a year ago but have just decided to write a review as a friend who had left recently had been screwed over by the boss Mr Brian Qin and his band of merry monkeys. I heard the school maybe are opening a third campus (zoo) so future teachers be aware.

Lets list this place of crap's achievements in no particular order.

Working Z visa as promised (never applied for, just a barrage of excuses as they dont have a license to hire foreign teachers anymore so be prepared to work illegally).

2000 RMB deducted from salary for "runaway fine to cover the cost of the visa if you do a runner" oh the irony.

Accom rat infested, over charging for electricity (sever over charging), internet that is slower than a snail yet contract states each room has high speed broadband. The school shares a single 2MB line for over 15 people living in the school. Location of the Nan hai school is the middle of a factory industrial estate miles from and decent shops or restaurants. I was lucky enough to be in the better off location of Chancheng.

School lying about teachers country's of origin to parents and students.

Blatant contractual bullshit. * deserves an entire website of its own.

Sexist racist boss Mr Brian Qin. Never in all my 4 years of working in China had i ever met such a horrible [edited] as this man. He will cheat and steal and lie to screw you out of even a few RMB (i swear on my life). He is known by the TA's who work there a someone to avoid at all costs as he has been know to be a [edited] ! of those is named Nik and used to work at the school but quit after a foriegn teacher threatened to fight him for stealing his bonus so Nik quit and ran away (severely lost face). I hear he returned to Ling Dong but cannot confirm.

Management that could not run a monkeys tea party. They will tell you every excuse under the sun why this happened or why they can not do that.

The last recruitment manager Ginger was the child of the anti-christ, she took over from the dreaded Helen and proved that even hell knows no limits and i hear the newest is almost as bad if not worse.

Food is akin to eating your own foot.

Teachers given different contracts and salary's even though doing the same job (the old boys get all the bonus and the noobs get eff all).

End of contracts come up for teachers they don't want to keep, so instead of just telling them when they ask if the contract will be renew they just keep telling them "not sure" until the last minute (literally a few days before) and send them on their merry way without any time to find work or accom.

Horrible working conditions for the chinese staff and sever under pay.

2 faced lying about everything.

Stealing hours and salary (contract states if you do 90 hours or above you must get a very slight overtime pay). If you do 90+ they will find every excuse to deduct hours from you to get your hours to 89 so they dont have to pay you the small little extra for doing the work.

Refusal to give end of contract bonus and reimburse flight money. (just search the horror story's here and on google. I got my flight money but they refused to give my bonus).

Firing a teacher for not saying good morning to Chairman Qin.

Making Chinese staff sometimes work for free and not paying some staff for up to 2 months because the boss claims he doesn't have any money.

Sub-standard classrooms that would make even North Korean classrooms look good. Teaching materials are made by yourself.

Extreme unpaid office hours including up to 12 a semester for writing students reviews, zero hours given for class prep.

This list could go on and on and on but i will leave the rest up to you to decide.But if it is true that they have a new zoo opening soon and i believe they will be recruiting at the moment for the next semester i seriously WARN you against working for this company. There are too many horror story's on the internet from other teachers who worked there. Do yourself a favor and go work for a real company with real working conditions.

Leaving Lingdong was the best choice i ever had i just wish i could get back those 11 months of my life i wasted there.

Heed this warning and good luck finding some place else.


0 # RE: Lingdong Foshan - ChinaKelvin 2012-11-20 14:43
Sounds very similar to NAEI No#1 Middle School a stones throw away. They just fired me having lied about the visa being in progress, I believe to cut costs as they fired the guy before me and who knows how many others. So I pay for my orange health book and insurance then I find it was all a huge lie - they never put the docs in. Fortunately in my case it was only a month. Interestingly I was approached on a bus by someone I'm pretty sure from the school reviewed here. Lucky escape then. Talk about learning TESOL the hard way, I am really having to consider whether to stay in China or head back to Europe - the visa woes are enough to drive anyone nuts. As for a band of merry monkeys and poor organisation - I definitely agree there and these people they keep or promote!! Unreal.

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