~ New Jordan Education Group ~ (Including all branches)

I am currently one of many dissatisfied teachers working in China for this company. It has been nothing short of Hell and an uphill battle with this company and many of its bosses in general which has lead to nothing short of a bloodbath. Here are a few of the many reasons I have personally come across for why to boycott this company:

Issues That Arose:

~ Their inflexibility:
I had very few classes due to Spring Festival (children mostly go home two weeks before) and all afternoon I had nothing to do (from 11:30 to 4pm, no classes at all). Instead of giving me the option of going home, or even shifting my work times a little forward (removing lunch break which is unpaid for) to allow me to head home earlier; they simple said no. They admitted to being inflexible and unreasonable.

~ Rude & Inconsiderate:

When addressing any issues to the woman I was supposed to report them to, at one point she lost it on the phone, came up with phony excuses and then began to yell at me on the phone, ignore my attempts to further explain information and kept repeating lame excuses etc. Telling me it was my fault, to just accept it and stop being difficult, something she had text to another foreign co-worker of mine when he has raised concerns to her.

There was a national snow day one day and though the school had been informed the evening previous, no one informed my fellow foreign worker nor I via phone, text or e-mail. We showed up for work, wondered why no students were arriving and once we were able to track down our manager she finally told us that yes, no classes so we could go home. No one had thought to tell us this before our coming? Very inconsiderate!

~ Threats:
The woman above who I am to report to has also made threats to not only me but to others. One of them being “to add more classes” in a cover up as making everything “fair to all”. When she has no leg to stand on, or other higher bosses do not have anything to fall back on they threaten to just add more classes or give more work, crappy classes or teaching instructions etc. One fellow Chinese worker spoke about a 17 day delayed paycheck to them and they gave her really bad classes as punishment for speaking out.

~ Pay Cuts:
New Jordan is all about taking money and giving out as little as possible. From counting the number of pieces of paper you ask for, to cutting your pay for being late 2 minutes. Yes, they do it. I, along with my fellow workers have been threatened of, had to fight against, and have received pay cuts for the following:
~ The government issued “snow day”
~ Being late 30 minutes due to heavy rainfall, before class even began (which they wanted to take a whole day pay off)
~ A whole half day worth of pay for missing two classes in an afternoon
~ The school cancelling classes/days due to closing of kindergarten during renovation
~ A coworker of mine was told 3 weeks later after missing some class time that he was going to be cut a big amount of pay.

~ Excuses, Lies, False Promises:
One day, I was late due to heavy rainfall and as I was very sick and had to take a long bus ride to work, I came in a little late and missed sitting in a cold room during winter to do nothing, they said nothing. They waited until lunch of the following day to call me on the phone and tell me I was losing a full day of pay. They basically let me work for free first before telling me this. Of course I fought it (and won somehow) and one of the excuses for me receiving a pay cut was “because Cassidy is sick”. Lost? So was I!

Promised my fellow foreign teachers many things, their own apartment, not having to work heavy loads during training school days, No Friday night classes etc. etc. And of course, they never follow through.
All of us have been downright lied to at one point or another also.

~ Changes, Delays & No Teaching Content:

Even though in the contract it says that schedules must be given 2 days in advance and that the material as well as teaching content must be provided, it is not. They change everything the day of, or give no teaching content, you ask as you go to teach the class or it was incorrect. They have also given the schedule the day of. All of which can be refused by the foreign teacher as I now know.

~ Poor Management (a mess) & Useless
ALL the bosses are @$$holes, to put it simply and nicely. This company is not only poorly run, poorly organized, but the head bosses are sincerely selected on how well they can rip off parents, employees and one another. They are childish as when a problem occurs they blame one another and then they state it was a group selection so you cannot peg them down. More than once they blame the poor Chinese teachers who are in fact, not to blame. They also refuse to let you speak to anyone higher up, but forget it. That too is a waste of time as they are just as rotten in the core as the rest of them.

~ Poorly Treated Employees:
As if foreign teachers were not poorly treated by getting big pay cuts, being told they should be ashamed as they make a lot of money than everyone else, or told that “This is China, maybe you just can’t get use to it” or being compared to one another when a concern arises. However, New Jordan also poorly treats its Chinese employees. Yes, they delay their pay cuts by 17 days or more, they withhold a whole month’s salary too in blackmailing them. They also let all the blame fall on these poor people who make less than the average minimal wage in Wuhan China, they make only 1000 RMB compared to the 2,000RMB minimum wage in Wuhan. They are also required do work outside of teaching, promotional events, decorating the school, making their own teaching materials, translating or writing speeches etc.

~ Catches in the contract:

They offer money bonuses, “free health care” and all sorts of goodies that, when read closely and asked about reveal that they are not free and are harder to obtain than you know! All money granted must have been spent previously with recites to back them up, something that is very hard to get in China and if they give you a 400 spending allowance, you must spend more than that to get it least they only give you up to the 300 you spent but consider this benefit used. The Health Care is only accidental, so a car has to hit you in order for it to be valid. These are just some of the catches in the contract.

There is more, lots more. Needless to say I won’t bore any of you anymore. I just wanted to make everyone aware that this is a SCAMMING SCHOOL where they take as much money from the parents as they can and greedily suck it back; giving and doing very little for their employees. It is all about using everyone to their fullest and giving as little as possible.