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China Scam or Schemes: UFEIC aka Bilingo China Recruiting Scam is Quite Clever - Beware China Foreign ESL & TEFL Teachers!

This is truly a devious little fraud. It won't cause you to lose any money but it may cause you to lose 5 of your friends!  It shows you just how little ethics can be found in China. I found this gem at another ESL message board and you will appreciate the boldness of the perpetrators, who buy the way have been blacklisted for two or three years already...

I really felt awkward last week when I went to a job interview at UFEIC in Sanyuanqiao area of Beijing. They also market under the name of BiLingo China 

After I gave the expected 30 minute demo class they asked me to give them the following which makes me wonder if I was just helping them to recruit foreign teachers??? 

They ask me to give them five names and phone numbers of foreign teachers in China that worked with me and could vouch for my "reliability & professionalism". I only had four people I felt comfortable giving as a reference so I used my GF as the fifth. 

Today my GF got a call from "Jane" at Oxbridge Recruiters who asked my GF if she was looking for a teaching job, near to our apartment. When my GF said she would consider it, "Jane" said to expect a call from "Monica" who would arrange an interview. 30 minutes later "Monica" (Monica Chang) called and guess where she worked? For UFEIC and wanted my GF to go tomorrow for an interview. This is the same "Monica" I interviewed with last week! 

So we both had a laugh when she got off the phone. Then we tried to look up "Oxbridge Recruiters of Beijing" and there is no such creature on Google or Baidu. 

But gets better. Before I left my interview at UFEIC, Monica asked me to send her a sample ppt and sample lesson plan that I had created in the past to demonstrate by ability to create these materials. 

Did anyone ever ask you guys to do stuff like this before in addition to a demo class? And when I did my demo class, it was in a classroom with three tutoring students and Monica didn't even stay in the room! She set up a video camera and then came back in 30 minutes claiming she was too busy interviewing to stay in the classroom! 

The only reason I went see them in the first place is because an old colleague (Alvin) was the FAO there and last week when I went and asked for him they said he was "not in the office". I just called Alvin a few minutes ago to talk about this but he said he has not worked there in over a year, and was "not allowed to talk about it", and hung up. Anyone who knows Alvin knows he is a easy-going guy who is hard to anger. Go figure."

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Really A place to avoid - Just too many problems and tension
5 years ago.
Institute Review
I worked there for only 3 months and had to leave. Too many problems to list here but incompetence, lies, and disorganization probably sums it up bets. This is a Canadian/China JV operation that often violates it contracts with teachers and makes last minute schedule changes. They use mostly part time teachers to avoid giving benefits and Z visas. Out of 50 employees maybe only 3 were honest while I was there and I heard 2 of them left. I really feel sorry for J - the girl who stayed on.  This is the most unprofessional place I every worked. If you like to argue go work there!  By the way this company operates under 3 different names and one has to ask  WHY?
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6 years ago.
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6 years ago.
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