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China NewsFlash: Teacher Freebies From The China Foreign Teachers Union...FREE is always good but USEFUL is even better! This is why the CFTU is now offering all the below free products and services to China expat foreign teachers (Sorry Chinese requests will be ignored). We hope that these free guidebooks and seminars and laws will make finding a teaching job in China easy and SAFE. Please remember that China is plagued with scammers who target expats, and especially expat ESH & TEFL teachers.

To get your goodies visit either one of our websites or .org or send an email to specifying what you want (Please allow up to 7 days for a reply since we are buried in emails and only have 2 volunteers assigned to this PR task) Relax, the CFTU does not sell nor promote any commercial products or services. We are only an information provider and have been since 2010.

Here are the goodies we offer to bonafide ESL & TEFL teachers:

  • China's Labor & Visa Laws In English
  • Working In China Guidebook  A-Z * DIY - Getting A Fair Contract In China
  • China School Blacklist (239)  & Whitelist (879) * China's Foreign Expert Requirements
  • China Tax & Pension Laws w/free online calculator
  • China Scam Alerts * China Health & Safety Alerts
  • Resolving Disputes In China - Low Cost Methods
  • China Interview Tips & Direct Employer Directory
  • Chinese Language Exchange Program
  • Amazing Fun Facts About China
  • China Trivia Quiz
  • How To Rent Or Buy Anything At A Discout In China
  • Always & Never - 10 Tips For China Expat Newbies * China Agent & Recruiter Blacklist (159)
  • China Expat Salary Charts

We welcome you to China and hope your stay is both memorable and fun!  Stay tuned to for breaking scam alerts and news updates from the CFTU.        

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