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China Newflash: China Foreign Teachers Union Updated China School & Recruiter Blacklist & White List For 2015 - You Input Requested!

SInce 2010, the CFTU as served as an early warning system for all of you willing to take the time to investigate with whom you entrust your teaching career.  We have exposed 79 scams, 87 scam recruiters, 23 identity thieves, and best of all, found 897 honest and reputable schools that are now on our current 2014 white list.  Although our blacklist is updated every 90 days, our white list is an annual affair (much more comprehensive and tedious for our volunteers to deal with).  We count on YOU - the actual China ESL, TEFL, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE  & AP teaching community to keep us informed of the good, the bad, the ugly, and of course the best.


Contrary to all the BS and rumors spread by our beloved China job agents and recruiters that we have exposed in the past, no amount of money will ad any school to our white list nor remove any entity from our blacklist. If five or more actual teachers endorse a school where they have actually worked for one year, and complete our survey below, the school is added to the whitelist, if we can confirm that 1) They are properly licensed to hire foreigners in China and sponsor Z visas, 2) Have no more than 1 unresolved complaint on file, and 3) Agree that a a CFTU rep can randomly visit the the school and privately interview up to 3 teachers selected by the rep.


Getting on the blacklist is not so difficult.  If a particlular agent or school receives more than 3 complaints in one year it triggers an investigation by the CFTU to determine if 1) The agent/recruiter is properly licensed to do business in China, 2) Willing to provide their true legal identification, and 3) willing to resolve outstanding complaints in a fair and reasonable manner.  If they balk and show no interest in resolving complaints or refuse to show proof of licensing, and present a verifiable government citizenship card or passport, they are blacklisted.  Grounds for immediate blacklisting aside from those above include:


* Caught selling or buying resumes from third parties

* Proven affiliation with identity theft rings

* Charging money for invitation or release letters

* Advising teacher applicants that they can legally work in China without a Z visa or bachelor degree

* Caught selling fake diplomas, TEFL/TESOL certificates, and/or fake referral letters of reccomendation


So, now comes the part where we ask you to invest 10 minutes of your busy day to help advise, warn,  or  recommend the agents, and recruiters you have used, and schools where you have worked for at least one year.  You name/email will never be revealed and you will never be spammed by the CFTU (We don't sell, promote, nor advertise any product nor service) For schools, this is what we need to know:


1- Your email and first name for any verification issue or clarification (especially if a complaint is involved)


2- Name and location of the school


3- Dates of employment


4- Name of the Principal, FAO, or Headmaster


5- Was their contract fair?


6- Were you provided a TA?


7- Were you paid for overtime hours?


8- What was your salary?


9- Were you paid on time and in full?


10- Was housing provided and was it clean and heated?


11- How many teachers lived in your shared apartment?


12- Was your contract honored in full?


13- Were your bonuses and holiday pay provided in full?


14- Were you provided an invitation and release letter free of charge?


15- Did your school require you to take TEFL or TESOL training and if so, at whose expense?


16- Did your school insist that you work with a specific recruiter and if so who?


17- Did you have to pay any deposits and if so for what and were those deposits refunded to you?


18- Were you provided practical and standardized curriculum or did you prepare your own?


19- Were you treated fairly, professionally, and respectfully by the staff?


20- Were you ever fined and if so, why and how much?


21- Did your school make any false representations to you, and if so please explain in 5 sentences or less


22- Did your school ever retain your passport for more than 3-5 days?


23- Did your school sponsor you for a Z visa and if so, at whose expense?


24- Did yur school ever ask you to lie to parents, students, other teachers or make a fake review?  Explain if the answer is yes.


25- How would you rate this school on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being "excellent" and 1 being "unacceptable".


Send your answers to this survey to



Regarding recruiters that you want to recommend or expose as being unethical or dishonest, just send an email to and be specific and civil please.  Reports that merely say "Li Peng is a greedy asshole" will be ignored.  We need specific examples and all the contact info for the recruiter and the name they provided you and their real name if you know it.


Since 2010, complaints from teachers have dropped 12% and the white list has expanded 18%.  So your feedback has definitely been making a difference. Our goal for 2015 is to build our white lst to at least 1,000 licensed schools, universities, kindergartnes, and learning centers that hire foreigners. We thank you for your continued support and cooperation. Our new white and blacklists will be published no later than January 10th, 2015.  To learn more about our many free programs and resources, please visit


Happy Holidays To All!

The CFTU Staff





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