Over the last two weeks a flurry of recruiters have been posting here repeatedly in an effort to bury the negative news about themselves on pages 10-20 here. It is a scheme they also use with Google after their fake reviews and fabricated "testimonials" are exposed.  Read this article at scam.com so you know how to quickly identify a China job scam recruiter or self-proffessed "agent".  (Some will even lie and say they are an HR staffer from a famous university just to get your resume) Fake China Job Recruiters  Basically, if a China Job Recruiter or Agent cannot provide you the following (that you can then verify yourself or through the CFTU or China Scam Patrol) they are either a front for an identity theft ring (They make $300 for every resume and passport scan they obtain), or a recruiter who will set you up for the classic bait and switch scam that you will only discover upon arriving in China:


* They cannot provide you a scan (not a photo) of their SAIC license issued by the Chinese government


* They refuse to provide you their street address or a land line telephone number that can be traced in the event of a problem


* They refuse to provide you a scan of their passport and/.or government ID card that provides their real and full legal names - yet they demand that you send your passport scan to them!


* They cannot produce an invitation letter clearly stating you need a Z VISA to work in China


* They tell you that you do not need a bachelors degree to work in China as a teacher


* They tell you it is okay and just fine to come to work in China on an L, F, M, or X visa and you can convert it once you arrive in China.


*  They tell you that you MUST have a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certificate to work in China (Not true)



*  They offer to sell you a fake diploma, TEFL certificate, or letter certifying prior work experience (Any of these will get you jailed and deported)


Remember that 1 in every 5 foreign teacher applicants become an identity theft victim within 6 months of applying for a job in China.  See here for details:

China ID Thieves Target Foreign Teachers



For the current 2014/2015 China forign teacher requirements contact your own embassy, the nearest Chinese consulate or embassy or read here in English:

Official 2014 - 2015 China Foreign Teacher Requirements  The average China scam recruiter makes an average of $30,000 a month creating legal visa problems for others and although they may offer you some teaching job, you will become an illegal alien in China if you do not arrive in China with a Z visa already in your passport. If you take a pass on their low-paying job offers, they will still profit from you by selling your personal information to an identity thief.


When all is said in done, this here is the link you should bookmark and read every time you are contacted by an unknown agent or recruiter related in any way to China... https://chinascamreport.wordpress.com/2014/12/02/2015-china-tefl-esl-ap-school-job-recruiter-blacklist/