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I had the below email seems a really high for a job in the UAE which makes me suspicious of this straight away also the website dubaibritish-school.com has no details looks like the example page for starting a site and look to be held by a domain registrar in the US and was created on 2009-04-22.

** FRAUD ALERT - Do NOT reply to the scam message below **


THE BRITISH SCHOOL is currently recruiting Qualified English teachers to work with the Principal ESL teaching program. Teaching in UAE can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have, at least that's what the boss will tell you. Teachers in a good school in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, will normally enjoy the experience . The students are interesting and enthusiastic, generally well-motivated compared to teaching in any other big city, you'll have no discipline problems. The students usually appreciate the teachers' efforts, you will get plenty of holidays, as all your non-teaching friends will remind you. Our School is UK curriculum and we usually pay salaries of 17,600 Dhs equivalent $4850USD per month depending of teachers qualifications plus we offer travel assistance and return flights,airport pickup, welcome package, teacher handbook, orientation, good furnished accommodation with a bed, blanket, pillows, washing machine, air-conditioner,television,Internet access,refrigerator, Gas cooker,hot water heater, chairs, table, wardrobe and medical insurance etc included.

Interested applicants should submit his/her current CV/RESUME with recent photograph direct to our my private Email: principal@dubaibritish-school.com

** FRAUD ALERT - Do NOT reply to the scam message above **


0 # Not a scam. This is normal.ESL Teacher in Saudi 2013-08-01 21:22
I work in the Gulf countries and this is the normal salary. As a university teacher in Saudi I am earning nearly £3000 per month.

All gulf countries have high wages as there are no taxes to pay due to the Sharia Law. Also they are rich countries and can afford it. This is not a scam.

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