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China in Asia (Company): CZZChina Edu. - Company - ChinaCZZ offers a wide variety of teaching opportunities which include teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), Math, Science, Economics, as well as a wide variety of age groups ranging from Kindergarten to Adults!



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CZZ China the horror of teacher recruiting.
6 years ago.
Institute Review
This is the history and business practice of Niu Chen alias Marco and Dana Kru*ic alias Daniel.

1) Currently CZZ is recruiting for teachers offering salaries of 7,000 RMB. Zhengzhou is an above average expense city in China. It's dirty, horrendously crowded, unsafe for foreigners, and a hotbed for foreign teacher scammers. Foreigners have been attacked without provocation by locals there.

2) Niu Chen is a twenty something punk. He cares not what his former recruiter Dana Kru*ic said in skype interviews to draw potential candidates to China. He WILL: Give assurances, statements, promises, and glorify positions that will absolutely be false or not followed through. He will give the lowest possible pay to teachers for assignments and pocket huge profits sometimes knowing the financial binds his teachers are in. He will ask teachers for favors and never, ever, return the favor, give 100% fruition, or give credit WHENEVER credit is due. In this current version of this business he goes by the alias Marco. Previously he was running an agency call Helen. From the past posts it is plain he was cheating, scamming, and abusing his employees.

3) Dana Kru*ic is stoner who gave vague descriptions of positions with schools, company policies, procedures, and made ambiguous references to the bonuses that a teacher could get. You will be told that there is a position waiting for you once he accepts you but the truth is once you have spent thousands to get to the P.R.C. you will 'shopped around' to various schools or training centers to see if they will accept you for a position. The description of the apartment you might be living in will not be accurate or be appropriately equipped. You might be forgotten at the airport upon arrival, or it might be changed or forgotten what position or school you were to have had waiting for you. Some of the schools will reject you if you are not from the United States or Canada.

4) The temporary apartment you may have waiting for you will be dirty with no kitchen and nothing to clean it with. The apartment you will be provided by the school may be unbelievably filthy, stinking, with no working water, and have no kitchen. It may be livable when you move in but don't count on it. Make sure that you boil the water from the tap if you use it for anything. One of CZZ’s teachers got metals poisoning because he didn’t boil the water long enough.

5) You will sign a contract that you will not be given a copy of, counter-signed by Niu Chen, and according to Chinese contract law enforceable in ANY country. It is an instrument only to be thrown in your face if you have any complaints about promised pay, over-time, or other stipulations that the company will brow beat you with to arm twist you into compliance. Understand now that you will NEVER, EVER, fulfill the stipulations of the contract to get the full amount of money you were told that you could receive. You WILL lose anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 RMB.

6) You will be assigned a ‘TA’ or a ‘CS’ depending on the vernacular used at the time. These people are simply underpaid and over-worked company employees whose job it is to help you with things you need for the company, shopping, bus directions, or issues with your apartment. The girls are very good but the boys tend to be lazy and slick. Slick trying to work you for little things. The boys aren’t reliable and the girls do a good job. If you get contacted to do something you need to do it will be at a moments notice: moving, appointments, etc.

7) The school may or not be a school where there was a previous teacher from the agency. If it was there was probably a fall out from the teacher or teachers before. At some schools there will be a department head or subject who will be trying to eliminate the laowei (foreigner). In ANY event the students will be lazy rich kids whose parents were told that all they had to do is pay the tuition and the children are guaranteed to go to a western university. You cannot establish any discipline and there are no failing students. If you do in either case you will be complained about and back stabbed by the students AND the school. You will hear stories from CZZ such as 'the teacher was a racist' or 'the teacher got d*u*k every night' which if you talk to the teacher who was removed you'll find out these comments were lies. Even if the lies are debunked and the office knows the truth these will used as leverage to deny bonuses, or reduce pay, etc.

You will receive pay on or about the 15th of every month. Never earlier and always later if the pay day falls on the weekend. If you work some ‘other’ voluntary assignment you will receive your pay on the 20th of the following month. You WILL have days missing that you should be paid for usually regarding the first days you work. Many, many, many, of CZZ’s teachers often have unresolved pay discrepancies
that are usually not worked out in their favor. Your first pay is held back so that the company can recover its initial fees for hiring you. You are not told this and this puts you in a position that pressures yourself into continuing working to get back your expenses from coming out to China. The most you can hope for is to break even.

9) If you attempt to stand up for yourself either to the school or the CZZ you will labeled either a ‘bad teacher’ or a ‘bad employee’. If you get angry with the office you will be threatened with: expulsion from China on a moments notice, blacklisting from China, or withholding of pay.

10) CZZ China is now using aliases to recruit teachers: CZZ Educationtong, ZYX education.
How on earth this heinous scam outfit ended up on a whitelist has to be a lack of research.
Institution Location
Zhengzhou, Henan Province, R.O.C.
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  • Moderator Black Bart 6 years ago.
    Thank you for taking the time to share this detailed report. This is exactly what our teaching colleagues need to know about so they do not have to suffer the same f*te as you an others. Sincerely I say to you...Xie Xie!

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