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China in Asia (China): Kings English for Kids - Private Schools - China

King's English for Kids has a few private schools located China.


Lingbin Rd, Nankai, Tianjin, China.
No. 125 Fuzhou BeiLu, Sheibei, No. 125 Fuzhou BeiLu, Qingdao, 6662010, China.
Huachuan Branch Rd, Fu Shan Shang Quan, Shibei Qu, Qingdao Shi, Shandong Sheng, China.

3rd Floor, New World Department Store, 138 Dongma Road, Nankai District, China.

9th Floor, Block B, Xintiandi Building, No. 349 Nanjing Road, Nankai District, China.

8th Floor, Building A, Wanda Plaza, 53 Jinbin Avenue, Hedong District, China.

3rd Floor, Jingcai Building, Jiaotong Road, Fenghua Road, Hexi District, China.

No. 2-10, A4 District, Aocheng Commercial Plaza, Binshui West Road, Nankai District, China.

The bottom of the Xi’an Square at the intersection of Jiefang South Road and Lishui Road in Hexi District, China.

Website: Kings English for Kids

2.5/5 from 2 ratings.
  • Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Work location
  • Living situation
  • Pay & benefits
  • Support & facilities
  • Health & safety
Summary rating
1 rating(s).
A safe and reliable company to work for
3 months ago.
Work location
Living situation
Pay & benefits
Support & facilities
Health & safety
Institute Review
I have been working for kings for nearly 4 years now, I originally came from a trade based background in the Uk so was pretty new to teaching aside from a 120 hour Tefl course. When I arrived in China I was guided through the process of how to setup bank accounts, get a SIM card and renting an apartment. Kings takes care of all of your visa paperwork and makes the processes of getting yourself setup here as straightforward as possible. I am now the centre leader for foreign teachers at one of the 7 schools here in Tianjin and take an active role in training and assisting new teachers when they first arrive at the school.
The actual work side of the job is also very enjoyable and you have plenty of free time on weekdays to prepare your classes and enjoy yourself as Tianjin has a lot to offer as a city. It has a good and varied selection of western bars and restaurants to give you some home comforts as well as all of the Chinese food you could possibly eat. I find the cost of living here very low and it’s easy to save money while working and still being able to enjoy yourself. China is also very well connected with the rest of Asia so presents good opportunities to travel during the holiday periods. You hear a lot of bad press about working for some smaller schools in China but with Kings being a large and well established company you can feel safe in the knowledge your job is secure and you are not worrying about being paid on time which makes it very easy to enjoy life here (once you get over the culture shock of course)
The pros
A large company that has up to 60 foreign teachers.
Locations throughout the whole city all near metro stations.
Each centre has a foreigner in a leadership position so you have a person to go to should you need help.
Tianjin is an extremely safe city to live in.
Lots of free time on weekdays once you complete basic training.
Very good access to Shanghai and Beijing by high speed train.
The cons
Despite low overall working hours the weekends can be very busy.
Salary not as high as other places but they always give pay rises each year as well as a completion bonus.
Institution Location
Kings English for kids Tianjin
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1 rating(s).
Do not work for this school
6 months ago.
Work location
Living situation
Pay & benefits
Support & facilities
Health & safety
Institute Review
I applied for a position at the school and liaised with (Name removed by Admin) their recruiter. I paid my flights, sent all the documentation to them three months in advance. Before I had to fly the work permit was wrong and they had to redo it. I forfeited my flights and accommodation. Eventually I flew to China but only three months later. On arrival the Chinese representative ensured I was given the school address which was not compatible with my phone and expected to report for duty. Well, I had to learn quickly to find my way to the school walking 3.5km in the freezing cold (one way) until someone assisted me with getting a bank account and link Wechat and get around with Didi. The school had onboarding or any formal curriculum. All teachers need to do lessons in the fly (sometimes you get the lesson 15 into the lesson and just need to improvise). Long story short, I couldn't cope and left for home. I was asked to pay 4,000 RMB for the visa application before they will cancel my WPN on the system. Well guess what I paid the money and they did nothing about it barring me for a year before I can work for a more suited institute. They don't hold to their promises nor care about their teachers.
The pros
The cons
Professionalism is terrible
Communication is terrible
No support
No structured curriculu,
Advice to Management
Treat people with respect even though I tried to explain and settle my bill you are not even giving me 1% of assistance. It has now been 17 days after paying my bill for the visa and you haven't withheld the agreement to cancel.
Institution Location
Kings English for Kids.
Huachuan Branch Rd, Fu Shan Shang Quan, Shibei Qu, Qingdao Shi, Shandong Sheng, China
Whatever you do just avoid and find a better work environment. Nobody helps and nobody cares.
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