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China in Asia (School): Hurtwood House (HD Ningbo School) - Private School - China Hurtwood House (HD Ningbo School) is a private school located in Zhejiang, China.


Address: Haishu Campus, No. 10 South Jiefang Road, Haishu District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, 315000, China.

Website: Hurtwood House (HD Ningbo School)

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Stay away!
6 months ago.
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HD claims to have a ‘family feel’….Of course there are some truly nice people here but the bare bone structure has a somewhat bullying and underhand nature. It is common for people to be given money under the table to keep quiet about certain things. One teacher got paid off and spent about 2 months eating and drinking in posh restaurants, punctuated with regular fist fights. It’s rumored that he eventually got deported due to an illegal activity I will not mention. Ahh, what a great family atmosphere.. feels like home!
Talking about home… you are not allowed there! Before you come to China, the school tells you you’re allowed home at Christmas and Summer. As soon as you arrive, they laugh in your face at the prospect of you going home before 2 years minimum! We were made to work on Christmas Eve- even if Covid laws permitted, how we were possibly ever meant to make it back to the other side of the world for Christmas Day if we didn’t even break up until the 25th Dec? It was clearly a lie.
A HUGE point which should be acknowledged is social insurance- a legal requirement under Labour Contract Law. The school does not enroll any of the international staff in social insurance- saving them a considerable amount and of course making employees miss out!
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HD Ningbo School Review (Hurtwood House Ningbo)-Terrible Work Environment
8 months ago.
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The worst work environment I ever had in my career so far. They bill themselves as an international school but they are far from it.

Ownership has a poor understanding of academics and bow to every parent complaint. Teacher turnover is extraordinarily high as is administrative turnover.
Extremely draconian, micromanagement at every level
Run by parents-it's almost scary how much parents control have over this school (expect a lot of parent complaints and for small little things too)
A ridiculous amount of busy work
Things are done just for image and impressing parents rather than trying to improve the students' classroom experience
They fire people without cause or warning.
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