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Korea, South in Asia (School): Huston Academy (Kidsclub) -  International School - South KoreaHuston Academy (Kidsclub) is an international school located in Busan, South Korea.


Address: Myeongho Bldg 4F, 94 Myeongji, Ocean City, sa-ro Gangseogu, Busan, South Korea.

Website: Huston Academy (Kidsclub)

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Huston Academy (Kids Club) Dadaepo / Myeongji
3 years ago.
Institute Review
If you are considering accepting a job offer at this school in either Dadaepo or Myeongji – I would strongly advise to think very hard before signing on the dotted line.

In summary, I have worked and lived in Korea before and had a wonderful experience, however upon accepting a job at this school I quickly realised upon arrival that all was not as it seemed. Firstly, the living conditions are not very good - your 'apartment' is a converted classroom inside the school. If that isn't enough to turn your milk sour, I found out that the place was riddled with black mold that significantly impacted my health. The directors solution to the problem was to paint over it in the hope that was enough to keep me happy - so I gave them an ultimatum - move me or I leave - they refused to move me, so I left Korea.

Upon signing the contract, the school directors had informed me that they were building a new school in Myeongji and that I would be moving to a new purpose built apartment at the end of 2016, which is why I was happy to live at the Dadaepo school for a few months safe in the knowledge I would be leaving soon. However the latest update (just before Xmas) was that they did not have planning permission to build the school - the Directors had purposefully misled me prior to accepting the job.

There are far better run hagwons and
The pros
1) The students are nice and disciplined
2) Small classes
3) Monthly field trip with the kindergarteners
The cons

1) The school does not pay in to your pension or provide healthcare insurance - both of which are illegal;
2) You're expected to pay for your 'share' of the bills, which on average equated to 150,000w (over £100) per month for gas, water, electricity, internet etc - in my last apartment I only paid max 50,000w (about £35) per month - so in effect you are paying for the schools bills (they have no mechanism in which to calculate who used what);
3) The Directors video your lessons with little notice and provide feedback that is not very constructive;
4) They do not always pay you on time;
5) They ask you to work on Sat*r*ay's sometimes but do not pay you overtime;
6) The Directors are regularly in the building at weekends - so you have no privacy or a breakaway from work - they also sometimes come in to the ‘apartment’ also without prior warning;
7) The teaching method the Directors use is something they saw on YouTube rather than be trained on it - you are expected to follow suit without any formal training;
The Directors only child attends the school - he will happily stab you with a pencil, kick you, throw things at you, call you bad names in Korean etc etc
9) Apparently in the last 4 years, the school has had over 15 foreign teachers - many of whom have broken their contracts
Advice to Management
1) Operate legally
2) Look after your teachers
Institution Location
The school is located in Dadaepo and/or Myeongji - which is about 1 hour from Seomyeon (central Busan) and 1hr 40mins from Haeundae - so in short it is very far out from all the ex pat hangouts.
I was a former teacher at the school
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3 years ago.
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