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Turkey in Asia (School): Kultur Koleji Atakoy (Kultur Koleji 2000) (K2000) - Private Institutions - TurkeyKultur Koleji Atakoy / Kultur Koleji 2000 or K2000 has a few private institutions located in Turkey.


Address: Alkent 2000, 2.Faz yanı, Karaağaç köyü yolu Büyükçekmece 34500 İSTANBUL.

Website: Kultur Koleji Atakoy (Kultur Koleji 2000) (K2000)


Other school names:

KIndergartens - Alkent K., Bahçeşehir K., Ataköy KIndergarten, Florya KIndergarten

PRIMARY SCHOOLS - Kültür2000 P. SCHOOL, Kültür P. School


HIGH SCHOOLS - Kültür2000 HIGH S., Kültür2000 S. H. S., Kültür M. School, Kültür H. S., Kültür S. H. S.


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4 years ago.
Institute Review
I worked there for two years and was hoping to make it a third (as I plan on leaving in a year for good and thus didn't want the hassle of changing jobs) Overall I was happy there as I knew the kids and the system and got along well in the school and with the teachers. In my second year I started to grow concerned at the amount I was hearing about the foreign languages coordinator that went by the name of Belis (I will not include surname no matter how much I want to). I heard through the gr*p*vine that she thought the native teachers as a 'waste of money', 'Too much trouble' and that she distinctly hated foreignors. This woman never gave me the time of day and often walked around school as if her f*r*s smelled like roses.
Anyway this horrid, u*l* 'woman' would be my ultimate demise. When April rolled around (which is often the time when they renewed the foreign teachers contracts) we heard nothing. I was taken into an office and in front of two witnesses was assured that my contract would indeed be renewed and 'not to worry'. They informed me they were making some changes to the Yabancı contracts. After this meeting I didn't worry much. Then June rolled around and in the first week I was taken aside by a friend and warned to take extra precautions and she didn't trust them. I did just that and organised a contract with another school (albeit unsigned until I was sure). June 20 came about (bearing in mind I had been asking and waiting since April to be sure) and I enter the principals office. She hands me a note that essentially says 'Thanks very much for two years now p*s* off'. I stared in disbelief and asked was it my performance? She said of course not and that they are just changing the foreign teachers contracts....she asked me to sign I said no...she asked for the papers back. I said no as they are proof you are firing me. She showed me papers written in Turkish that were clearly the papers one signs if you are quitting of your own accord I said no. I left the office extremely upset and I felt incredibly disrespected.
I lived in teaching lodgements and was meant to be leaving for London that week for a summer job. Now I had to change my whole life around in just one week all because they lied to me. I refused to talk to them or sign anything. I got a lawyer. They said I could keep the house until August if I signed the I got a storage space organised for my things and said 'No thank you'.
They did this to me AND FOUR OTHER YABANCI TEACHERS. We all refused to sign the papers. They eventually realised they were facing a losing battle and gave us our money. When this happened I posted on a page askİng what to do and was directed to a post from 2013 on a group that said this SAME SCHOOL did the same thing in 2013. Fired all the foreign teachers for no reason. The reason was simple and they as much admitted it to me;we were too expensive. I thought they would have changed my pay from dollars to liras which I would not have even minded......but to sack me and ALL the other teachers????? idiotic!
This same school is now offering (I believe)4500TL or less, no lodgement, no private insurance, no holidays (only the winter break in january and other national holidays that all schools take), a lot of sat*r*ay work and working with the nastiest woman on the planet who happily decides to s*r*w you over in order for her to look good (Belis or Beliz or whatever)
The only good thing about this school are the colleagues (other than that woman obviously). The teachers there could do better. Unsurprisingly they can't find a qualified native speaker that will take such an offer and they are still interviewing. Take it from me FOR THAT MONEY DO NOT WORK AT THIS SCHOOL!!! If you are planning for just a year it is good experience but don't get comfortable, they have very little respect for you and they are learning the hard way that we are not easily replaceable (not the standard they look for anyway). I feel for my amazing colleagues.
If you want loads of hours, no holidays and essentially no respect for you as a human being this is the school for you.
KULTUR KOLEJI ATAKÖY AND KULTUR KOLEJI 2000 (K2000) STEER CLEAR! Regardless of what may be said I have friends and many that can testify to what I have written here. Heed this warning or don't. Good luck in your search for school.
The pros
I quite liked my branch actually. It was hard work but my colleagues were great and the school as a whole well organised and helpful. The students are quite decent and although the level is no Robert College they are a pretty high level. Pay was always on time and things were completed properly.
The cons
Too many hours, Turkish teachers treated like s*a*e labour (Turkish teachers pay is roughy 200-300 more than minimum wage), NO HOLIDAYS AT ALL, late finishing and early starting (I believe they have now decided to have the day between 8-5:30) smh.....A LOT of Sat*r*ay, more than most schools. I calculated it to be every second sat*r*ay from November/December onwards.

Advice to Management
Treat your teachers with some respect and maybe business will imporve.
Don't allow children with serious psychological problems into the class room. Get some more assistants for your younger classrooms. Remember how important education is to a child and stop thinking about the money aspect. Quality improves so does quantity and, in turn, money. BASIC BUSINESS SENSE!!!!
Institution Location
They have two branches:
One in atakoy right next to the metro station.

The other is in the middle of no where. Almost outside of Istanbul.
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